Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dogfish Head Brewpub - My Favorite Restaurant

Surprise surprise, I had dinner again at Dogfish Head tonight. John and I ended up getting the same thing so it was quick and simple but everything was and always is, so great. We ordered off the specials menu, which i usually try to do because it's always something different and delicious. Tonight we had tomato and asparagus (local) soup and a pulled chicken sandwich. The chicken was amazing and the roll was delicious and the sauce topped it off. Their fries are also delicious and very addictive. Cut very thin and are served crispy.

I drank a 90 min and John got a Shelter, which by the way will no longer be bottled, so get it while you can. I also got a sample of a couple brewpub exclusives and one stuck out. A stout made with indian garam masala, and it was amazing! I wish there were such a thing they had called a half growler, or the like. Something I can fill up but not have a gallon of.

Bottom line, the service is always great, the beer is always amazing and the food is always different and delicious, and from local sources! Even the beef.

Lastly, i haven't blogged on my blog in forever. This is weird.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

14 Weeks of Dreams Less Cloudy - High School Reunion

In this dream, i live with my parents for some reason and we were at home around 10:15 pm, and trying to get ready to go my my High School Reunion. I dont know why it was so late at night, and i dont know why my parents were going with me. I became frusterasted because my parents were taking SO LONG to get ready, and i didnt want to be late or miss it, so i left without them. I peaced out.

I get to the reunion, and for whatever reason in my dream, it took place in an apartment. Most likely because the real one is scheduled for the Christiana Fire Hall, and and both places are a crappy location for a High School Reunion. The apartment was no bigger than any apartment any of us have ever lived on or been to, but thats where i was. So when i got there, there were only up to 5 people including me there, so apparently i wasnt missing out, and felt bad i left my parents behind. Kristin was the only person i knew for sure was there at this time. Some time passed, and i was wondering where my parents were.

At this point, some how i knew i had to go outside and get my Mom. So I walked out of the apartment, and the door to the neighboring apartment was right next to the one with the reunion. The screen door was shut, but the main door was open to this apartment, and i heard my mom call my name from insie the apartment. So i yelled in through the screen door, "Let Her Out, Let Her Go!" So the door opened, and my Mom walked out, and nervously walked by me without saying anything back into the apartment with the reunion.

There was then 3 people that walked out of the apartment my mom was held in; 2 females, and one male. I think they were Armenian, they had accents. The head woman then tried to get me and drag me into the apartment, but i said to just let me go a couple times. So then they wanted money for me to be let go, and i kept saying i am broke, i have no money. The man was willing to let me go, but the woman was persistant, and i pulled out my wallet to prove i was cashless and broke, but it turns out i actually had a $5 on my. So he took the five, and said i could go. The irate Armenian woman kept saying "Are you kidding me, are you freaking Kidding me" as i walked away trying to go back into the apartment.

It was really hard to walk. I was walking in slow motion like my legs were asleep, or like i had weights on my legs, and when i got back in the door of the reunion apartment the doors were very heavy and hard to close. At this point i was still trying to get away. So i walk back into the reunion and there are now a lot of people at the party. I grab Kristin and tell her we need to go downstairs to have a cigarette because of the stressful thing that just happened.

So we went to the apartment downstairs, which apparently i lived in with someone i didnt recognize, and ive never met in real life, but i knew them in my dream. It gets coudy after this, or i woke up, but the relief of finding kristin after the Armenians was a great feeling.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Videos - My Morning Jacket at Bonnaroo - Late Night

Every year at Bonnaroo there is one show that sticks with you. One show that was worth everything it took to get to Bonnaroo. This was that show in 2008. My Morning Jacket, Late Night, Which Stage . . . in the rain. For those who were there, this was the highlight of the weekend. These videos were made by us, the people who were there. Whats really cool is these videos are all from different angles, so its like you were there with like 20 seats. Enjoy.

P.S. If the video sucks or is not there, im working with what i have, and will update videos when more people upload them

#1) Evil Urges

#2) Off The Record

#3) Gideon

#4) Hot Fun (Sly & the Family Stone) - with Jeff Coffin on Sax

*******Coming Soon*********

#5) Highly Suspicious

#6) What a Wonderful Man

#7) I'm Amazed

#8) I Thank You Too

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#9) Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part 1

*******Hopefully Coming Soon********

#10) Sec Walkin

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#11) Golden

#12) Two Halves

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#13) Lay Low

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#14) Hit it and Quit it

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#15) Tyrone (Erykah Badu)

#16) Steam Engine

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#17) Anytime

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#18) Aluminum Park

#19) Easy Morning Rebel - with Jeff Coffin and the Nashville/Louisville horns

#20) Dancefloors - with Jeff Coffin and the Nashville/Louisville horns

********Hopefully Coming Soon********

#21) One Big Holiday - with Kirk Hammett of Metallica

#22) Cold Sweat

#23) Get Down On It

#24) Across 110th Street

#25) Wordless Chorus - This is My Video

#26) Phone Went West

*******Hopefully Coming Soon********

#27) Mahgeetah - This is also my Video

#28) Oh Sweet Nuthin

*******Hopefully Coming Soon********

#29) Librarian

*******Hopefully Coming Soon********

#30) Bermuda Highway

*******Hopefully Coming Soon********

#31) Dondante

*******Hopefully Coming Soon********

#32) Run Thru

#33) Smokin from Shootin

#34) Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 2

#35) Home Sweet Home

Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is what Oktoberfest is all about . . .

Drunk people standing on tables making stacks of cups. I love Oktoberfest. . . . cant think of another situation that i put myself in knowing i will see people that i do not want to see. Good Times, Good Times

This dude bumps into me . . . .
"Sorry, i dont usually get that close to guys"
then "But i do like your beard"
then "its trimmed real nice"
then "I actually might be gay"

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Things I Notice . . .

People at red lights drink their beverage.

I guess they must get thirsty during driving and not being able to drink. Learn to effin multi-task.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Sun is back!!!!!!

Thats not today, but a picture i had of the sun.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bill Gates . . . . Do You Read!?!?!?!?!

If Big Brother isnt already watching, Bill Gates and Microsoft want to make sure he is in the close future. This is so eerily creepy and right out of the pages of George Orwell's 1984, i couldn't believe what i was reading. Ok, so here's the low down . . . . . .

. . . . anyone read 1984? I read it earlier this year. Good Book. There was one aspect of the book where the government could watch and control everything you did at home through 'Telescreens.' The point of these telescreens were to keep its subjects under constant surveillance, thus eliminating the chance of secret conspracies against their government. The telescreens were very sensitive, and they could even tell your heartrate, so if you were doing something bad, like having sex, youd come and be taken away. When i read the book, i found the idea plausible, but pretty far fetched to actually be a reality. But now Satansoft, i mean Microsoft, have submitted a patent ( to have one such device created, but not for the same purpose as in 1984, they want to use it for advertising........ .. . for now . . .
What it would do is use cameras, biometric sensors, and other tools that would determine if you are sitting in front of the TV, or if any other identifiable person is in the room. BIOMETRIC SENSORS!!!!!!!! Why you ask, whats the point . . . . . advertising . . . . . since we are living in an On Demand, Tivo, DVR type world, us as consumers are breezing by commercials, or not even given the chance of watching them (hense the 15-30 second commercials you get while watching 'free online TV shows') and apparently taking money out of the pockets of the already rich because we dont see their fucking advertisment 14 times a day until its gets drilled into our head and we sing the little jingle without knowing it . . . . . . oops, sorry, went into a little rant there. . . . . ok, back to the point.
What its designed to do is identify you and members of your household by your age, sex, marital status, and career, and OF COURSE it would be connected to your computer with a Microsoft system, which could then also gather information like e-mail, appointments, notes, and buying habits, and then the final product would provide highly targeted ads for each member of your household. Think of it like a website you buy from, and it uses your purchase history to give you 'recommended items' that you might like or thinks you 'need' based on that. But this microsoft approach is much much creepier.
On the surface, its weird, but not an evil idea. But when they (the gov't) further figure out the extent of that this could be used, thats when the scaryness comes in to play. I guess we dont have to buy one, or put one in our houses. Honestly Miscrsoft, who will buy a TV, knowing its going to gather info about you and advertise to you??????? Unless the government makes it manditory. ...chew on it

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Last Night, I was 15 again

Counting Crows with Live and Collective Soul

I swear, i thought it was 1995 last night . . . but then i realized im 26 and the world is a lot different that it was in 1995. . . . . . .but you know, the music is the same, and it made me feel the same way i did when i first heard some of these songs growing up in the 90's.

Collective Soul - Alright, so i didnt see them, we walked in as they played their last song, one which i recognized . . . . but there was more important stuff to be done in the parking Lot

Live - They look the same, they sounds the same as they did in the 90's. I remember wanting to see them in concert when i was like 14 or 15, never did though, little did i know, in 2007 id see them in Wilmington of all places. They started with my favorite Live song, 'All Over You'. I remember requesting that song on Y100 while doing dishes one day. It amazing what sticks with you, actually whats amazing is how music make things stick with you. So they played a lot of favorites, lot of stuff from Throwing Copper. The set ended with Lightning Crashes, which was one i really wanted to hear. One thing i dont like is when they try to put some variety in the chorus and make it a little different. Its ok for a few notes here and there, but dont do the whole thing, theres a reason i love that song, and i want to hear it.

Counting Crows - Honestly, i think i was more excited to see the Live than the Counting Crows, but the Crows put on one hell of a show. I really dont knw what so say about it, but Adam Duritz really didnt miss a note (he missed a step and almost fell at one point post-twirl, but he caught himself and kept going like it didnt happen) A few of the songs that stuck out - Hangin Around, Ms Potters Lullaby, Richard maunel is Dead, A Long December, Round Here, & Mr. Jones. They did that song from Shrek, Accidently in Love, and one annoying song they did with Michelle Branch - or whatever her name is. I would definatly see them again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Question to myself of the Day . . . .

Why does my toilet paper need to have hearts and flowers quilted on it??

It makes me want to deface it . . . .

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Delaware, Beware Of This Car!!!

I dont know what been up DSP's ass lately, but they are pulling a hell of a lot of people over, and during my daily drive up and down I-95, i see a lot of people being pulled over, and not just by your traditional Blue and Yellow Delaware State Police car. These Dodge Chargers, all with dark tint have been having a lot of fun tricking drivers and pulling them over. They arent even using traditional unmarked cars anymore. Ive also seen a Dark Maroon Explorer pull someone over on 95. So, if the car looks new, and has dark tint, it just might be the police, so just have some peripheral vision, or better yet, dont break the law.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

After the Beacharoo

Ok, so today at the beach was awesome, but we made up for that enjoyment later. The weather was great, mid 70's, totally sunny and clear, and to top it off there was a great cool breeze blowing on the beach, which made it quite enjoyable. Only downside to that is that you dont get hot, it doesnt bother you to just lay there on the beach all day, cause its not unbearable, its actually pretty comfortable. Downside you say?? Well, when you get home and realize that you are redder than you should be, and it hurts.

It was worth it. Just as an example, here is Ashley, with her Bow-Tan line.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Senator Mike Gravel For President. Actual Campaign Video

Bonnaroo Mornings

At Bonnaroo, its not time to go to sleep until it starts to get light around 5 or 6am. I mean, you cant sleep in the dark, there is just so much going on. Im glad Jeff grabbed this photo of me Sunday morning, cause this set-up was sweet, and it worked perfectly.

I was at the Sasha/Digweed show, that started at 1:30, and was supposed to end at 3:30. I was dancing, Lost in the music, and did not notice the time. Actually, i didnt even have the time on me, which made it even better. This is a good view from where i wasw around 3:30am.

When i thought it was about 4, i look over, and the horizon is starting to lighten up. They it just got light out, and it was 6am, and i was on my feet dancin for about 5 hours. Had a lot in me . . . . if you know what i mean. Oh, and i snapped this shot on the way back to camp, just to prove to the naysayers.

Hillary Clinton - Soprano Spoof

Have you seen this?? I like it, its amusing. Hillary is not an actor though.

Its on the front page, and fairly amusing, that is if you watched the Sopranos

And What?

I was bored, and firgured i needed a blog, thats not on MySpace. So welcome to Mikearoo!! Boring isnt it! Well, hopefully it wont stay that way. Ill figure out how to do more customization, and different things i can actually do and put on here. Its should be fun. Feel free to comment or do whatever. Ill be here bored at work most likely . . boo
Bonnaroo Anyone?